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The heartbeat of Go In Faith is to reach the nations with the love and power of the Gospel. I am also director of Asia with    Agape International where we have formed strategic partnerships Harvest Churches International and Go To Nations to accomplish this mandate from God.

The following is a article from Chris Harrison laying out a a Harvest Plan. The title is Nation Shaking Churches:

We shouldn’t have to call a church a “world missions church”. The definition of the word Church should imply that they are reaching their local communities, their extended communities and the remotest  parts of the earth. However, many churches haven’t caught the heartbeat of God concerning world missions. For the purpose of this study, we will use “world missions church” to describe a church that is actively and effectively following Christ’s commands to reap a global harvest.

We will put out a blue print for success based on the Bible and upon personal experience with apostolic work. Acts 13:1-14 and Acts 16:4-10 show great examples of a church that was totally consumed with fire for the nations. The church fasted and prayed. They chose leaders who had an apostolic calling and released them to go and reach the world for Christ.

In Acts 16, I noticed something spectacular. They didn’t ask God where they should go to do His work. They simply obeyed His command to go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every person. Jesus already told us what to do, so we don’t need to pray about it.

The Bible says that the apostles decided to go to one place, but the Spirit told them no. Then they decided to go somewhere else and the Spirit told them no again. Finally, Paul had a vision of the man from Macedonia, and they went to preach the gospel.

The point is, that God spoke to Paul about his calling AS HE WAS  GOING. It’s better to be going for God and have Him tell you to stop than it is to do nothing while hoping for a word from God. Many of the great stories of miracles happened, “as they were going”. If you can get moving, God will make your path clear.

Don’t make excuses any longer as to why you can’t reach the nations: My church is too small. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough resources. God is your source. If He calls you, let Him pay the bills.

Here is a harvest plan that a church of any size can follow. If you will follow this proven blueprint, you will be an effective world missions church. We see a similar pattern in the book of Acts, from Chapter 16 through 19, but I am going to give you the specifics of what I have seen that works:

 1. First, use strategic partnerships with global ministries that have local connections close to where you want to do apostolic ministry.

2. Second, choose key people out of the nationals whom you have recognized as having the call of God, and empower them to recruit people to come to a pastors and leaders conference.

3. Third, Bible School planting or leadership training centers are imperative to reproducing ministry in an unreached people group.

4. Fourth, send out the graduates of the Bible school into unreached areas to preach the gospel and plant churches. A national who understands the customs will be much more effective in reaching the unreached than you will.

5. Fifth, connect these church plants in apostolic fellowships so that they can encourage one another and sharpen one another in God’s work. Also, this will help with the sixth step.

6. Sixth, help to organize them toward city impact events and campaigns to reach large numbers of people.

7. Seventh, release them as independent international missionaries.

I am out of time, but I must say that the plan I have outlined is working right now. In just two months, HCI and Agape International will be using strategic partnerships in northern India to reach people in Bhutan, Nepal and India. We are following this seven‐fold plan to the letter. We tried this out in the Philippines first and have exploded there to almost 40 churches, two Bible schools with almost 200 students, and are doing outreaches in remote villages that had no church or gospel witness prior to our graduates going there.

This year, we will be taking pastors from the Philippines on their first missions trip ever. They will be preaching in English while a Nepali refugee pastor interprets their preaching into the Indie language. What a thrill! We will take it full circle and then start over in every place we go. YOU CAN DO IT!